Online registration is now closed. You can still register at the door.

Official Rules

  1. Games will consist of two 3 vs. 3 teams.
  2. Games will last a total of 15 minutes with a running clock, or first to 11 points, whichever comes first. Teams must win by two. The team with the highest amount of points after 15 minutes is declared a winner.
  3. Coin toss will decide who starts with possession.
  4. If overtime is necessary, it will consist of a 5 minute running clock in which first team to three points wins.
  5. Teams are allowed a sub. If a player changes teams or you add a player after registration, you must confirm the roster change with a tournament official. The official will have the final say in such moves.
  6. For this tournament, two point field goals will be worth 1 point, and a three point shot will be worth two. Tournament officials will take score and time.
  7. Possession will rotate after a made basket.
  8. Games will be self-refereed. Call honest fouls. If you dispute a call, it cuts into your playing time.
  9. Use common basketball rules, such as traveling, double dribble, etc.
  10. The ball must be checked after a dead ball (out of bounds).
  11. Checking the ball consists of passing the ball to the other team to make sure they are ready for play. Once the opposing team is ready, they will pass the ball back to the offensive team. This process should be done outside the three point line.
  12. After a live change of possession, such as a rebound, steal, the ball must be dribbled or passed back behind the three point line. The play is still live during the process.
  13. If a common foul is committed, the ball would be taken back and checked by the team who the foul was committed on.
  14. Technical and flagrant fouls will be called by tournament officials. If a player receives such foul, he or she will be kicked out of the tournament and that player’s spot cannot be replaced on the team.
  15. Vulgar language and obscene gestures will not be tolerated and if an offense is seen by tournament official, he or she will be kicked out of the tournament and that player’s spot cannot be replaced on the team.
  16. Players under 18 MUST have waver signed by parent or guardian prior to start of the tournament.
  17. Have fun.